Where we are in our Adoption

We are navigating through an international adoption with few resources and little Canadian/Rwandan adoption history to draw on. So far, so good... We are adopting independently. The good thing is that we are now on the Rwandan side of this process - our Dossier has been approved and is now at the Ministry office there, waiting to be transferred to the Orphanage.

Wide Open...Blog space

We've chosen to share our story with many other families out there and hope that maybe some of this will feel familiar to you...some of the empty poetry lines and white spaces might echo inside of you as well.

As we continue onward past the year long mark and beyond, we have found solace in reading other adoptive family stories. We notice many people visiting from all over the world...it would be great if you let us know why. What brings you to our pages?

You are welcome here...

Friday, April 6, 2012

We are making a fresh start...please visit our new blog!

While one door has closed, we are opening another! We have chosen a to pursue an adoption from Lesotho. Please visit our new blog if you would like to hear our story as it unfolds...


Friday, March 23, 2012

letting go of this dream

Well, it is time to let go of this dream. This is the hardest post to write, and the one post, I truly didn't think I would have to.

Rwanda right now is transitioning into a Hague country, and with this major bureaucratic shift, many of the dossiers that have waited there for the past year+, have now been closed. That unfortunately, includes ours.

The clearly positive outcome is that all children in Rwanda will be secure in protection against any unethical and illegal corruption. The Hague convention governs this.

We realize that the governmental infrastructure impacting us, is also much larger than us. While this is difficult for us individually to endure and accept, we also understand why in the larger scheme of things.

At this point, this blog will now close. It is our intention to grow our family and we will continue to work on that, recreating and redefining our dream. We have a loving home, family, and community and our path will open up to what is right.

Thank you for supporting and dreaming with us!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Holding onto Faith

It feels wrong to not post in so long! I don't have any new news, so it also feels wrong to post. But, here goes.

We began this journey now, 2 and half years ago. At that time, adoptions from our country and Rwanda were taking no more than a year. We certainly did not expect this long wait, and longer wait of uncertainty. But, that is how life goes, especially, we have learned, the life of an adoptive family.

Our adoption journey has been one of the hardest we have faced together. It has challenged our faith and our ability to hold onto it. But, we are here. We are still hoping that this adoption comes to a close with a child or children wrapped safely in our arms.

We have a great lawyer working on our side in Kigali, and we continue to hope and pray that good news comes our way.

Keep us in your hearts!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Winter Blues

Over two years ago: our paper work for adoption begins
Love stories sprinkled onto paper, each one familiar
Dates timelines lifetimes
Of childhood influence
And adult perceptions

Sometimes squinting – looking into space and time
We notarized our hearts, to officialise who we are
Whole punched and translated our dreams
And couriered them across the seas

Furnished a trailer with bunks
And child sized bright blankets
Green polka dots and flannel tie dye
Pasted growth charts on doorways
And waited…months

The days pass hopeful
Wonder full work full life full
Except for the wait
That becomes longer
And less certain
Day by day

And we are, again
Winter well on its way

There is no known reason at this point
For this empty wait
Black chalk table writes “come home babies”
With pastel pink blue hearts of faith
Alongside empty coloured chairs
Primary coloured seats ready for play dates

No logical answers
At this point,
we are not even sure of the questions
To ask or to who
Sometimes squinting through
Can we notarize these winters and send those, too?

Friday, September 23, 2011

The gist of it...

For the family and friends who don't want the poetry, who just want to know what is actually happening:

Basically we were given approval, a month ago, from the government Ministry in Rwanda to adopt. The catch: we have 6 months for a referral before our file will close.

We are one month down.

Through other family blogs we are given a few concrete tidbits: referrals are happening, sporadically. Families travel within days or weeks and meet the children within a week of landing.

And the one truth that we know is that each adoptive process is unique.

So at this point we hold onto our faith that this will happen, and wait out our time hoping it actually does. It has been a long two years. Our hope and prayer is that within 5 months we have a referral and we are buying a plane ticket to Rwanda to meet our children.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Approval! One Step Forward

Little babies we wait for you
Today a little more content than yesterday
As our approval is signed and we have something to hold on to
We move forward

And hold onto a faith that sparkles like
Newborn webs in the light morning sun
A vermillion spider weaves thousands of intricacies
And golden threads wobble perfectly
Floating firmly in the air

Like air itself, sparkling and catching oxygen
and colour and shape and spirit
Liquid pearls drip - magic
While tiny creatures persist
And life continues on
A sweet miracle moving

Monday, July 25, 2011

Moon Tides

It’s true
Pecking at the black boxes on the key pad, daily
Each time, fingers move to passwords like lifelong friendships
A quick cradle and goodbye
As the mail is opened up, but empty
I shake my head at friendships that last
Sturdy and reliable, weathered and tested

We have passed the one year mark
One year DTR – Dossier to Rwanda
Poetry has passed time, documented mood swings
Like lights and darks and inks and blobs
And seasonal markers shift, again and again

The waiting has been long
The dream full brimming over
Hearts full and full of hope still
Unsure of where it all comes from
The faith, the dream, the hope

But I know we have chosen this path
With intention
With love
And with our hands held tightly together, swinging
Down our future, bright

While we may not know with certainty
Where this journey will end
We continue forward
Enjoy full wide summer days
Blue skies
Red lilies
Whites of eyes

And wait as our panorama unfolds, moon tides

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clothesline, Cool days

Like the robins in my yard
Louder than flash lightening
I too like strips of coloured string
Simple crayon colours: Nesting
I like to add little highlights
Knot up some yolk-yellows
And tie in some bulb-blues
Just making my home
Feel that little sweet-bit new

Because waiting for something
A dream pinned to a summer day’s clothesline
Drying too slowly - trapped too long
I can touch that fabric
See the sharp hues
It’s not right and it’s also not wrong
I watch sun shine brightly on it
But it is damp and drying slow
And the day passes
And the rest I don’t know

I look toward my garden
And the long weekend of May
Unplanted beds
Tended and ready
And once again I resist a plan
Resist those tiny seeds
Because maybe just maybe
We won’t be here to weed

But the robins comfort differently
They say nest gently – in your own way
Tie with strong, bright strings
Let each fly proudly, even wildly
Plant your garden
And let time pass as it may